Your Business Website – Promote or Perish

You’re reading this probably because you have a business website that you wish to market and promote. Whether you’re looking for a knowledgeable yet affordable service to help you with web marketing in Northampton – or elsewhere – here are some points to ponder, some ideas you’d do well to consider. You have already invested […]

Google Release USB Security Accessory

Internet giants Google, have announced a USB security accessory named the Security Key, dubbed “a physical solution for safer two-step verification”. Launched as a defence against sophisticated hacking, who are able to break through two-step verification systems. The only downside to the key is that, unsurprisingly it is only programmed to work with Google’s Chrome […]

The Oculus Rift – The Future of Gaming?

Lots of technology comes out of the gaming industry, or at the very least gets promoted, with some of it looking distinctly possible, while others look more like a pipe dream. A significant amount of this technology is around turning the games into a simulated experience, such as with the Oculus Rift. This device, unlike […]

HTC Release Budget Phone For 4G

HTC have added another handset to their 2014 range, with the HTC Desire 510. What’s impressive is that it’s a handset which can deliver 4G internet speeds at a cost of £149 RRP. The smartphone is powered by a 1.2GHZ quad-core processor, with a 1GB of RAM. The display on the phone has a 4.7 […]

Production Of The New Apple iPad Already Underway?

According to Bloomberg, production for the new full-sized iPad is underway, with the brand new device set to be unveiled in the next few months. It’s rumoured that the new device has an anti-reflection coating being added, whilst an iPad Mini revamp is also being prepared. The new devices would be releasing at an important […]

Tips On Choosing The Best Website Designers In London

When you decide to design your website, it is important to have the best web designer do the job for you. This is because, if mistakes are made, it may prove to be very expensive for your business at the end. Therefore, choosing the best is very important. Unfortunately, there are plenty of website designers […]