What You Should NOT Do When Recovering Data

There is a right way and a wrong way for data recovery on just about any system. Here’s a few tips and information on what NOT TO DO! DO NOT – DO NOT open your hard drive and expose the media! There is nothing inside that needs the attention of a common user or do-it-yourselfer. […]

Stopping Unauthorised Users On Your Phone

One of the key parts of mobile security is preventing unauthorized people from being able to use your smartphone if they get hold of it, whether it’s for the minute or two that you’ve stepped away from the table, or for an hour or more after it’s been found or stolen. The first and easiest […]

New Phones To Look Forward To

It’s that time of year… When mobile phone fans get prepared for the onslaught of handsets which will be going on sale in preparation for the massive Christmas sales push all manufacturers go for. The main company that will be releasing their eagerly awaited handsets will of course be Apple, with the rumour iPhone 7. […]

PC Shipments Dwindling

A headline which shouldn’t surprise many, personal computers wheezed their way to the end of 2015, even as Apple managed to gain ground. In addition to mobile devices, which are well suited to posting videos and photos to social sites, an array of hardware options, like touchscreens and detachable keyboards prompted consumers to hesitate before […]

Apple Registers Car Domains

The rumours of electronic giants Apple dabbling in the automobile market have gone quiet until now… They’ve apparently been registering car domains with the apple name in the url! The Apple dedicated website MacRumors have reported that Apple have been registering the domain names Apple.car, Apple.cars and Apple.auto, though none of the sites are currently […]

Apple iPhone 7 to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack?

Get ready for some angry Apple users! The style over substance debate could be about to kick up a gear, with the smartphone giants reportedly set to drop the longstanding 3.5mm audio jack from the rumoured iPhone 7. According to sources, Apple is planning on cutting the industry standard headphone connection in a bid to […]