What is Typeface?

Typeface is a visual representation of how you what words to be perceived. It is essentially symbols arranged together to communicate a specific responsiveness. Different collections of typeface impose different undertones relative to purpose. What typeface you choose will be down to the design brief and usage. If it is designed to be read on […]

Why Website images should be processed

If you’re displaying lots of image son your website, and feeling as though they are not getting the credit you deserve, make sure they’ve been processed. Images that have had no processing whatsoever can look bland, and not particularly enticing and inviting. If you know somebody who can edit images then you may want hand […]

Why Great Web Design Comes at a Price

It can be relatively easy to single out a basic, amateur web design from a professional, and much like many online services in the UK you pay for quality. There are so many different designers out there in the UK, and you may find the designs you like are all relatively expensive, but it should […]

Why Pretty Pictures Do Not Make Great Web Design

Having an attractive image on your website doesn’t mean you have a good design, you may just have one element of a good design, but every pixel should have a purpose. A website is a system and it should be created as a system. If you’re a business with a website, make sure it succeeds […]

Web Design for your Target Audience

Target audience should always be in the pit of your mind before you opt to create a new website design (or have one created for you), and by considering their needs, you’re more likely to generate increased sales. You have to think about your target audience in quite strange ways. Think about who they are, […]