Improving your Website – or Starting Again?

When a website is a certain age, it will show. It will start to look outdated, as other web design trends come in, and people start to navigate websites in different ways. If your website is beginning to grow a little old, you might be wondering whether you can improve it with some tweaks. In […]

Using Heat Maps to Improve Website Design

When a website has been set live, it isn’t finished. It should be seen as a living, growing thing, that is never finished. You cannot rest on your laurels with a website – it will need constant improvement. Your improvements should always be based on data wherever possible. For example, if lots of people are […]

How to Attract Customers in an Online Environment

Online marketing is the way in which you can make your business known to customers in an online environment. If you then achieve sales by showing your business to people online, this is known as a conversion. You should make a comprehensive online marketing plan, to make sure you will get the right customers and […]

Do you Need a Business App?

Apps are great for some businesses and can make life much easier for users, attracting new customers in and keeping them coming back. Once someone has installed an app, they are more likely to keep using this on their smartphone or tablet rather than going onto another website that may not work as well on […]

Will a Responsive Website Cost More?

Responsive websites will allow visitors to view your site from different devices, and the site will look just as good and work just as well on each of them. It is one of the most technologically advanced ways to have a website designed and the importance of a responsive site cannot be overemphasised. The latest […]