Apple to Replace Macbook Displays?

According to popular electronic websites, computing giants Apple have decided to finally solve a ‘wear and tear’ issue which has bugged Macbook Retina Display users for the past 3 years.

The problem, referred to online as ‘Staingate’, is a result of wear and tear to the anti-reflective coating on the laptop’s screen.

But you won’t have to awkwardly explain that blotchy mess for much longer as Apple is replacing all affected MacBook and MacBook Pro screens – providing they were bought within the last three years, or within a year from October 16, 2015.

Customers who have been stung by out-of-warranty charges as a result of Staingate could also be eligible for a refund, according to MacRumours. (Digital Spy)

If you are an owner of a Macbook with a similar problem, then make an appointment with your local Apple Genius bar to resolve this issue.